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How to Install Printer Driver in Windows 10

How to Install Printer Driver in Windows

Printers are a need of the organizations and individuals when they work on the internet and have documents and files for printing regularly. But if you think that only buying a printer is enough to work with it, then you are wrong. You have some printer drivers Dell Printer Customer care Number that must be installed on every PC, whether it runs on windows 10 or windows 8 or even windows 7. So, let us see how to install printer drivers in windows 10 first. Installing printer drivers on windows 10 Windows 10 is the latest operating System from the house ofMicrosoft. Thus, it is very much possible that your don’t have a driverfor it. Thus, firstly you need to go to the official website of your printermanufacturer and check whether you have drivers for windows 10 or not. If yes,it’s good news for you. But if no, you need to check how to install the printerdriver on windows 8 or windows 7 as per your requirement. Let us assume youhave drivers for windows 10. Now, you need to go to control panel. Thus, you need to presswindows button along with x. you may also click on Control Panel from startmenu directly. From control Panel, you could see a small icon saying devicemanager. This is the place where you can manage all devices including printers.Double-click on that and you will now be able to see all the devices installedin your system.

Your printer is shown here. Click on the printer for which you need to have a driverupdate and right click on that. You will see an option saying update driver software.Click on it, you will now ask to choose an option out of two in a pop-up. Thefirst option telling automatically search for drivers is recommended. Thiswould make the PC search printer drivers automatically. But if you already havethe drivers downloaded, you can select the second option in which you will beable to select the