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Why Is My Dell Printer Not Printing Black Ink

Dell Printer Not Printing Black Ink

Dell Printer Not Printing Black Ink

Dell printer is very good printer. Millions of users use it to print documents attached to their computer. But sometimes you may find some issue also. One of them could be that your Dell printer is not printing black ink. So the problem her can be that the print nozzles are dried up or it clogged with ink. So in this case you can right click the printer by going to printer and faxes window and then click on Properties. Now click on printing services and then choose the clean print nozzles option. If your problem does not solve then your board inside the Dell printer might not be functioning right.

Unable to Print when Connected via USB

If you are facing this problem that your Dell printer is unable to print when it is connected via USB then follow below steps:

  1. If your Dell printer is installed Via USB and this is unable to print, please check the LCD Display on the Printer for any error messages.
  2. If printer is installed Via USB and you are unable to print and no other error messages are on the Dell Printer panel.
  3. You should verify that the printer is selected as the default printer or that in the application the printer is the selected device to be printed to.
  4. You should verify that the computer which is having the problem of not printing is the one that is connected to the printer.
  5. You should remove any devices connected between the printer and computer.
  6. You should reseat the USB cable connecting the printer and computer which you can do by unplugging both ends, and then plugging them back in.
  7. You should check for a "Found New Hardware" Windows pop up installer.
  8. If no "Found New Hardware" pop up is displayed, try using a different USB port on the computer and then test it.

Dell Printer Customer Service Number

If you are facing issues with your Dell Printer and you are not able to solve it on your own or you are looking to trouble shoot your Dell printer issue with your device then please dial Dell Printer Customer Care Phone Number 24/7. You can get help online, through live chat or through helpline number. So if you want to talk to Dell Printer technical team, dial Dell Printer customer service number.